Small changes for a New Year …

And so, another year begins. Another 365 days of life. There will be moments of happiness, sadness, frustration, anxiety, boredom, nothingness, excitement, jealously and all the other feelings we feel from day-to-day. Whilst navigating these day-to-day feelings, many of us are trying to achieve greater ‘satisfaction’, ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ in a world that is rather topsy-turvy.

At the start of the New Year, many people dedicate some time to think about what they hope the following year will bring.

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The Importance of Physical Activity in Achieving Good Health …

Being ‘healthy’ is so much more than how much we weigh and how we look. Chinese Medicine promotes nourishing our bodies through; eating well; moving our bodies; and taking good care of our emotional health. But given over 60% of Australian adults and 25% of children are considered to be overweight/obese this blog is focusing on the physical side of things … namely … Continue reading “The Importance of Physical Activity in Achieving Good Health …”

Stress, Chinese Medicine and the importance of observing our mind and body.

Stress. It is intertwined with the lives we lead and is unavoidable given the nature of the world we live and the lives we create. Some people experience stress daily, others less frequently. Whether you feel it daily or occasionally, there is value in being able to identify when you are feeling stressed; to be able to listen to and observe your body; to learn how stress affects you; and to have strategies that can help you manage and reduce the impact it has on your life.

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Essence and Acupuncture

The world we live in seems to be getting crazier by the day. I am generally a pretty optimistic person, but some days I feel pretty disillusioned about where all this craziness will end. I decided a while ago that rather than focusing my energy on the craziness outside my door (that I don’t have control over) I would focus more on what goes on inside my home. Continue reading “Essence and Acupuncture”