Frances’s Chocolate Cake

Some days we just need to eat cake! I am all about healthy eating and ensuring we do as much as we can to stay healthy BUT I also believe in taking a balanced approach to all  of life’s pursuits. Life is to be enjoyed right?! In our house we happen to really enjoy eating cake! Continue reading “Frances’s Chocolate Cake”

Snack Foods and Plastic Free July

It’s plastic-free July – a movement aimed at encouraging people to  look at their purchasing patterns and say no to single-use plastic items. One food group where there seems to be a lot of unnecessary single-use plastic packaging is snack foods. Continue reading “Snack Foods and Plastic Free July”

Home-made Baked Beans and an easy mid-week meal …

I had planned to write about my adventures in making liquid soap this week. Alas, I am waiting upon the arrival of soap making supplies! So, while I wait, here’s a quick and easy mid-week meal featuring home-made baked beans …. Continue reading “Home-made Baked Beans and an easy mid-week meal …”