Home-made Baked Beans and an easy mid-week meal …

I had planned to write about my adventures in making liquid soap this week. Alas, I am waiting upon the arrival of soap making supplies! So, while I wait, here’s a quick and easy mid-week meal featuring home-made baked beans …. Continue reading “Home-made Baked Beans and an easy mid-week meal …”


Living with nature and our Warrigal Greens experiment …

If having a ‘vegie patch’ isn’t your thing, there are many things you can do in your garden – big or small – to incorporate nature and home-grown food into your life.

My studies in Chinese Medicine reinforced to me the importance of living with the seasons and working with what nature provides. The role a season plays in our life is significant; the effects it has on our bodies; the foods we should eat more or less of; the flavours we crave; the imbalances it may cause and the resulting acupuncture treatment given. When we bought our house a few years ago we wanted to incorporate this philosophy into our garden. Continue reading “Living with nature and our Warrigal Greens experiment …”

Home-made wraps and a simple dinner recipe …

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been on a mission to make more foods ‘from-scratch’. Another staple food that I now routinely make is wraps. My daughter has them in her lunch box a couple of times each week and I had been really put-off by the long shelf-life of the super-market wraps I was buying (ie. preservatives). Continue reading “Home-made wraps and a simple dinner recipe …”

Breakfast time … warming porridge and a home-made muesli recipe.

At last, the Qld nights and mornings are cooler! Our household has welcomed this change by enjoying warm porridge for breakfast. Chinese Medicine dietetics believes that our digestive system has a preference for warming foods and as we move into the cooler seasons, it is important to support our digestive system with these. Enjoying porridge for breakfast is a great way to do this.

Continue reading “Breakfast time … warming porridge and a home-made muesli recipe.”

Essence and Acupuncture

The world we live in seems to be getting crazier by the day. I am generally a pretty optimistic person, but some days I feel pretty disillusioned about where all this craziness will end. I decided a while ago that rather than focusing my energy on the craziness outside my door (that I don’t have control over) I would focus more on what goes on inside my home. Continue reading “Essence and Acupuncture”